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  • I just wanted to check whether the grass seed in the attached picture needed any care. There is a very large patch where the seed is sitting on top of the sand mixture. Other parts of the lawn show the seed integrated into the sand. Just conscious that it is sunny and no rain forecast. so wanted to check whether we need to do anything.
    Answered by Stephen Charles: When it come to spreading grass seed, I always follow the old saying "Four seeds in a row, one for the rook, one for the crow, one will wither and one will grow". That is basically a way of saying that we always allow additional grass seed for the birds and for those seeds which will not germinate. We rake some of the seeds in and leave some on the surface. Once these have germinated in a few weeks' time, we then add another sowing to fill the gaps. From your pictures, the amount of bird droppings would indicate they are having a really good feast, but there should still be sufficient seed to allow for good sward growth. The seeds need a few things to germinate - contact with the soil (regardless of mixed in or on top), moist conditions, and warm air.
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