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Design & Build: From Concept to Delivery

It is January. The weather is cold, days are short and the excitement from Christmas is slowly disappearing. Most of us look forward to spring when the warming sun starts waking up the first plants, when the grounds of gardens and parks are covered with snowdrops, daffodils, cyclamens and hellebores. Those who love the outdoors know that January is one of the best months to plan for garden build and renovations. Before making any action, many house owners seek advice from garden designers and landscaping firms, to transform ideas into plans, and plans into lively chic outdoor places. If you plan to get your garden done this spring, now is the right time to take the first steps.

The design process can take between 4-6 weeks depending on the size of a garden, the complexity of the project and the site conditions. From the first appointment, followed by a drafted concept plan and plant suggestions, it takes approximately 3 weeks to finalise a garden layout plan with the full soft landscape and hard landscape specifications. For better illustration, the designer can transfer any 2D layout into a 3D visual that can help the clients make the right decision. The choice of materials and products that are available is enormous, and it is standard practice that the designer sources and discusses with the client, garden features, outdoor furniture and plants that are just right for the given space. Lighting can significantly enhance the outdoors and should not be overlooked. Irrigation for some garden owners is a necessity, especially for those who travel regularly and don’t have time for regular watering.

A town garden that we completed recently for a client in Richmond showcases the transition of small space. This garden in contemporary style that was designed for outdoor living, is benefiting from new red cedar fencing, porcelain paving, artificial lawn, living wall, outdoor lighting, minimalistic planting, furniture and zinc pots. The rendered concrete planter provides suitable growing conditions for black bamboo Phyllostachys nigra. We used white pebbles to top dress the areas around the circular staircase and existing olive tree. Knowing the English weather, we don’t expect the client to have a BBQ in March but still, we hope the new loungers will get used by June 2021.

If you bought a new garden room and need fresh planting around it, if you need a new front drive, if your dog keeps escaping through the collapsing fence every morning, speak to us. We are here to help.

Written by Marketa Hermova

January 2021

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