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The Choice of Materials

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

Hard landscaping creates a framework which defines the overall shape and layout of the garden. Just as important, though, is its value in enhancing the beauty of the planted areas through the careful choice of materials.

At Stephen Charles Landscapes Design Ltd, we take care in sourcing and purchasing only the best materials from reliable manufacturers and specialist merchants who have spent many years finding or refining products.

During the design phase, we will ensure that you can view samples of all the materials proposed for your garden, and that you understand the different qualities of those materials when making your choice.

Whilst quality is important, we also take into account your project budget, and will give you options to ensure we fall within your budget. Where you are not willing to change on high end quality (and nor should you), and we cannot source any alternatives within the budget, we can look at doing the project in stages to ensure you have the quality you want and the design you want over a period of time.

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