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Does Your Tree Have Statutory Protection?

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

A tree preservation order, more commonly known as a TPO, is a piece of legislation that

stops us from cutting down or undertaking works on trees willy-nilly.

In most cases, if you have a good reason for needing to carry out works on your tree, the

council will grant you permission. However, if you want to cut down the 250 year old oak-

tree in your front garden for no good reason, the chances are that you will be told a firm ‘no’ and any works undertaken on the tree after this will leave you faced with a hefty fine.

Alternatively, your tree could be located within a conservation area. A conservation area is a place of special architectural or historic interest that needs to be preserved or enhanced.

There are currently 85 conservation areas within the London Borough of Richmond upon

Thames, and 26 in the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames. To undertake works within

a conservation area, you would need to contact your Local Authority and obtain planning


Written by Sophie Page

Date: 30/10/17

(Updated: 1/4/19)

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