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Garden in London

In this garden, I wanted to create clean and simple lines. In addition, I wanted to place the patio on the left side at the bottom of the garden where it is most likely to get the sun for a good part of the day.

Extending from the golden buff-coloured patio, I wanted the paths to extend to near the house and to relay the paths adjacent to the house with the same golden buff paving. The tired old lawn is in need of replacement and the flower bed on the right of the garden needs attention. The espalier trees will benefit from pruning and retraining. This will help give the garden a more open feel.

On the left side, I wanted to insert a raised wooden bed so as to increase the quality of the soil and guarantee a rich and always tidy garden. I wanted to add another raised bed to the rear boundary to provide an area for planting where the plants are not in direct competition with your neighbour's trees for water and nutrients.  In addition, the plants grown in these beds will partially cover the fence. Where the fence is adjacent to the new patio, I would attach horizontal slatted trellis to increase privacy and the final quality of the project. In this design, I wanted to pay considerable attention to achieving a high quality of finish whilst maintaining value for money, and overall to have an excellent result that lasts many years.

By Antonio Conversano Garden Designer

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