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Oh, Christmas Tree!

If you’re thinking of buying a real Christmas tree this year for your home (and who doesn’t love the smell of a real tree in the living room), the first week or two in December is the perfect time to buy one.  Here are a few tips when choosing your Christmas tree:

  • Make sure you have the space in your house! - many people over estimate the height of their ceiling – and don‘t forget that a stand will add a few inches to the height as well. Also, you will need to make sure you can get it through the doorways.

  • It’s best to avoid the trees that are pre-wrapped in netting - this way, you get a chance to see the shape of the tree and you can make sure none of the branches are damaged or bent. As well, the tree may lose its needles more quickly as the air hasn’t been able to circulate around it and keep it cool. When you see a tree you like, tap it gently on the ground or stroke it gently with your fingers to see if it sheds a lot of needles, as this may indicate an old tree.

  • Keeping your tree fresher for longer - if you take half an inch or so off the bottom of the tree and put it outside, soaking in a bucket of water, you can leave it there until you’re ready to bring it into the house (even if it’s just overnight) and this will help keep it fresher for longer. There are also available some tree stands that incorporate a water trough.

  • Protect your tree indoors - when you bring the tree in to decorate, keep it out of draughts and direct sunlight (and the radiator) to help keep it fresh and stop it drying out too quickly.

If you look after your tree well, it should keep fresh until well past Christmas Day. And if you would like a large Christmas tree outside your premises, don't forget you can order from us! But you need to get your order in by the first week of November.

Written by Leslie Chetland

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