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September - Time To Start Thinking Spring Flowers!

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

There is nothing better after a long, dark, cold winter than the sight of an array of brightly colourful spring flowers popping their heads up in your garden.

Spring bulbs should be planted in the autumn – getting them into the ground at this time while the soil is still warm allows them to put out roots during the winter months. And they are very easy to grow. Making sure they are planted in the ground to the correct depth will almost ensure that they will come up.

Here is a selection of the most popular spring bulbs at the moment:


These colourful flowers can bloom as early as February and are ideal for pollinating insects to gather their nectar. They are not a true bulb as such, they sprout from a corm. They like a sheltered area that is sunny with preferably gritty soil.


Daffodils are probably the best-known of the spring flowers and their golden colour will brighten up any garden. They can be planted in borders and around shrubs, and you can even have some poking up through your lawn as well to add spots of colour.


The tulip is another popular spring flower and there is such a variety of rich colours to choose from. They will grow in any soil, but they don’t like it too dry. Alternatively, they look stunning when planted in containers, maybe mixed with other types of bulbs.


Lily of the Valley is a very fragrant flower which thrives in areas that are damp and shady. This flower is well known for its use in perfume and soaps – and weddings!


Hyacinths are happy in either direct sun or partial shade. They like a fairly fertile soil which is well-drained. They are also perfect for growing in pots indoors – a perfect Christmas flower.


The bluebell is another flower that thrives in damp and shady areas and is pretty resilient. It's best to choose English bluebell bulbs – Spanish bluebells can become invasive.


It’s always a cheerful sight to see snowdrops popping up in early spring – they are one of the first flowers to appear. They grow well in shady areas, so are happy planted under trees.


It's always a good idea to get more bulbs than you think you will need. So start selecting your bulbs this month (September) and get ready to start planting! If you would like any advice on the different colours and varieties of flowers available, or if you would like to place an order for spring bulbs, please do give us a call on 020 3897 8422 or drop us a line at

Written by Leslie Chetland

2nd September 2019

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