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Simple Designs For Any Garden

Updated: Oct 17, 2021

It is not a secret that a good design of the garden requires more than ticking boxes with client’s requests. The communication with a client and knowledge of daily habits is, for any designer, crucial to create a layout plan that serves well the home owner. Indeed, the initial concept plan should outline client’s needs and desires, but not only that. The choice of materials in the proposed concept plan should already be incorporated and should reflect on the existing architecture of a house, style of the garden and more than anything, it should be the first step to create a meaningful unique space. For small gardens especially, the choice of materials is very important. Timber, stone, brick or gravel tend to be preferred for gardens in traditional style in contrary to porcelain, metal and glass that are generally used more in modern and contemporary gardens. The golden rule for material choice is the smaller the garden space, the less hard landscaping materials should be used. To avoid business, courtyards and small back gardens are generally planted for four seasons, so the attractiveness of the space comes from the ever-changing colour palette, rather than the mix of hard landscaping materials.

Simplicity does not always come from the ‘straight lines’. The colour balance, planting and hard landscape laying patterns can bring as much simplicity as can a neat distinctive stone edging, laid along the garden borders. Also, modern town gardens very often need to accommodate a change of levels or a gentle slope. Hence, there is a requirement for a build of steps and retaining walls. Any of these structures are designed with a simplistic approach to achieve comfort, safety and good aesthetics. In another words, a simple design by a professional designer can save the home owner lots of problems in a long run.

It is indeed a simplistic approach that generally pays off when the design needs to combine the existing garden structures with those newly proposed. Using the same type of materials, a repetitive planting pattern or colour finishes that are already present in the garden can turn a neglected garden into new breathing outdoor space. This is especially true for garden renovations where the function of the garden is more important than the aesthetics and where the combination of a fresh look and tidy space is all what the budget allows. In many ways, ‘simple’ does not mean cheap in garden design, but rather ‘thought through’ and ‘well combined’.

Our team of designers can help you on your journey to create a desired outdoor space. To find more about our services, please contact us today on 020 3897 8422.

by Marketa Hermova

October 2021

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