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Spring Clean Up

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

Spring Clean Up:   January to March

Sweep, rake or blow:

- all lawn areas

- all planting beds and borders

- all hard standing, driveway, terrace areas and paths to remove leaves and other debris, and dispose of arisings.

Carry out pruning to remove broken, dead, and winter injured branches from shrubs, small trees and climbers. Also prune back perennial growth to just a few inches above the ground or back to the crown.

Fork over all planting beds and borders. Remove by hand any weeds that have germinated over winter or were missed in the autumn clean up.

Check climbers and their attachment to their supports and prune out any dead bits.

Fertilize spring bulbs, as this will help their flowering and growth next season.

Trim lawn edges to borders, paths, terraces, driveways and hard standings.

Box cut with rotary mower all turf grass areas.

Finally, collect together all arisings and dispose of them.

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