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Why Lawn Edging Is Good For Your Lawn

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

Lawn edging can play an important part in the garden, creating crisp, clean and even lines to subtly separate the different elements of your garden, lawn, flower beds, paving etc., with the overall effect of making your whole garden look very neat, smart and eye-catching.

Metal lawn edging is a great labour saving device - it is low maintenance and a long-lasting solution. And the advantage of using steel is that it won't be affected by the outside elements. The edging is installed along the edge of your lawn and keeps the straight lines straight and the curves smooth and even. The edging can be bent to any shape you require and is available in different thicknesses and heights to suit any requirement. Although brown is the most popular colour as it blends in with the colour of the cut turf, it is also available in other shades, e.g. green if that is preferred. There is also edging available which is especially for artificial grass.

The top of the edging is at the same height as your lawn and therefore is barely visible from the lawn or above. It keeps your lawn and borders where they should be and the only incursion from the lawn is the sward which can easily and quickly be trimmed back. Border creep is completely eliminated.

The lightweight, flexible metal design combined with the modular method of installation make this one of the best lawn edging systems available today and a cost-effective way of keeping your garden looking great.

Written by Leslie Chetland

24th May 2019

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