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Gardens in 2021

The garden is a very close companion to the house, following its character and style. The role of the broader aspect of landscape and type of neighbourhood is vital for a successful design. Equally important is the function, and the way we use our gardens. With new materials and advanced manufacturing processes, we have changed our attitude towards the outdoors. Especially in the last two decades, we have brought the indoors out and we have progressed green technologies to create a more sustainable city environment. With newly bred varieties of plants introduced each year, one can find it difficult to resist the temptation to refresh the existing outdoor space every now and then. In the end, the garden matures with its owner’s habits, so change over time seems to be inevitable.

Garden Buildings

gardenroom gardenstudio gardenoffice summerhouse
Garden Room (Copyright Crane Garden Buildings)

Use of garden buildings, summerhouses and garden rooms has never been more popular than at present. The need for additional office space or study room, gym facilities, and space to play music instruments without disturbing other family members are only a few examples. Garden buildings come in a range of standard sizes and material finishes. The size and shape of your garden can be limiting, but for difficult sites the client can choose a bespoke or made-to-measure service. To avoid confusion, garden rooms have very little in common with traditional garden sheds and can cost much more. Get advice from a professional landscaping firm, manufacturer or garden designer to choose the best solution for your outdoor space.

Garden Lighting

Lighting design for domestic and residential gardens has, for a long time, been seen as the luxury. It is not anymore. The residential landscape without lighting is dull and boring compared to illuminated gardens that are inviting, inspiring and homely. At night, lighting provides safety to paths and a sense of direction; it highlights the structural design of a garden, and it can add drama to the planting or soften the hardscape. For lighting design, it is best to consult with a professional lighting expert or garden designer. The production of a lighting plan and specified types of light fittings are mandatory for any electrician or firm when installing a certified lighting system.

Decorative Privacy Screens

Decorative Privacy Screen (Copyright Screen with Envy)

Similar to brick, metal is another landscaping material with a long history and use in garden construction. Metal recently became very popular and fashionable for creating privacy and structure in the garden. As an alternative to hedge planting, a privacy screen can provide the same function and act as a plant support. Thanks to advanced laser cut technology, the variability of patterns and finishes is never ending. From bronze, brass or aluminium, to steel, the client can choose a single or set of privacy screens that match the style of the garden. With a climbing rose, clematis or jasmine, the screen can easily create a backdrop to a seating area or water feature. If illuminated with up-lights, the decorative privacy screen can be a lovely focal point at night.

Written by Marketa Hermova

March 2021

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