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Green Room in London

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

The idea was born after visiting a natural garden, full of plants that surrounded me and gave me peace of mind.

A particular beauty which is loved or hated because nature is wild, and so there are people who love it because it is unpredictable in its combinations and forms, and those who hate it and try to control. So I found myself there in this garden where what it gave me was a natural tranquility. So in the project, I wanted to maintain that authentic taste that the owner also wants, a small secret garden surrounded by greenery and that once inside, you must feel safe and at peace. I wanted to keep soft and rounded lines, so as to be caressed by the surrounding garden and not invade it heavily. A central patio with a round shape made of stones of different sizes that naturally form a not very perfect circle, the latter covering a gravel patio from where thyme and chives come out. I wanted to suggest some ferns and some perennials (geranium) for the plants facing the patio. The two paths have sides also made of irregular stones that lead to the house in a quiet way and without clear and decisive lines.

Natural and refined style that gives a sense of tranquility but at the same time of great refinement.


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